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02 resistors Aug 2008

02 resistors Aug 2008 - 15 1EXPERIMENT 2 RESISTOR COLOUR...

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1EXPERIMENT # 2: RESISTOR COLOUR CODE PRE-LAB INSTRUCTIONS Most of the resistors found in electronic equipment are the fixed type. This means that their resistance cannot be varied. The most common types of fixed resistors are "Composition" and "Wire Wound", the former are made using some carbon composition material housed in a nonconducting body. Connection to the resistive element is made by two leads that are embedded in the carbon material. (See Fig. 1) The physical size has no relationship with the actual ohmic (resistance) value of the component, it is however, an indication of the components power rating. Common power ratings are 1/8 W, 1/4 W, 1/2 W, 1 W, and 2W. The ohmic value is usually indicated by coloured bands painted around one end of the resistor as shown in Fig. 2. The colours are associated with numbers as shown in Table 1. Colour Number Colour Multiplier The first colour indicates the first digit of the resistance, and the second colour indicates the second digit. The third colour, if other than gold or silver, indicates the number of zeros to be added. The fourth colour indicates the tolerance. Absence of a fourth band means that the tolerance is 20%. Black 0 Gold .1 Brown 1 Silver .01 Red 2 Orange 3 Colour Tolerance Yellow 4 Red 2% Green 5 Gold 5% Blue 6 Silver 10% Violet 7 None 20% Grey 8 White 9 Table 1. EXPERIMENT # 2: RESISTOR COLOUR CODE Figure 1 Figure 2 15
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Suppose that the coloured bands on a resistor are: Yellow, Violet, Orange and Gold. Yellow
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02 resistors Aug 2008 - 15 1EXPERIMENT 2 RESISTOR COLOUR...

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