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Goat Wolf Corn Problem

Goat Wolf Corn Problem - Goat Wolf Corn Problem A farmer...

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Unformatted text preview: Goat Wolf Corn Problem A farmer employs as a hired hand a man who is not too bright. The hired hand is to keep the carmer's goat out of the barn while the door is open because the barn contains a pile of corn to be used as cattle feed. Also, a wolf, who considers the goat a tasty dish, lurks nearby. The farmer decides to design a box which has three switches: one each for 'door open', 'goat in sight' and 'woif in sight'. The hired man will merely flip the switches according to what he sees at a given time. It the situation is dangerous, i.e., the ingredients are such as to cause harm to one of the items to be protected, the combination of switches flipped will ring an alarm and the farmer will take appropriate action. It is assumed that: l. the situation is safe if the goat and wolf are not visible; and 2. the wolf does not eat corn. First, let's assign symbols to each of the variables. Since when’the barn door is open the corn is available (door 2 corn) three variables are required. 1. D 2 door open 2. G = goat visible 3 W = wolf visible Design the box usuing boolean algebra to minimize the equation. Draw the logic diagram. Canyou express the equation in NAND form? (a ciruit that consists of NAND gates only) ' ...
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