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Lab #8 Prelab and Lab requirements

Lab #8 Prelab and Lab requirements - Hello Students Your...

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Hello Students, Your instructions for lab #8 are as follows: Lab#7 was based on two predesigned combinational logic circuits one added two binary values and the other was used to compare the magnitude of two binary values. These arithmetic functions play a very important role in calculators and computers that are capable of using these functions to do all kinds of mathematical calculations to perform useful work. All applications used on your home computer use these math functions to position your mouse pointer, control your word processor and calculate your parent’s income tax. Mathematical and Logical functions play a very important role in programming applications found in PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) (Electrical Control Engineering) and Microcontrollers (Computer and TeleCom Engineering) Lab #8 is based on experiment #12 in the lab manual and is designed to give you experience with other commonly used predesigned combinational logic circuits known as Multiplexers and Demultiplexers. To understand what a multiplexor does envision a common T.V., although there are many stations playing at one time only one can be displayed on the screen at a time, this is multiplexing. Multiplexing is the sharing of one output with many inputs by selecting which single input is passed to the output at any point in time.
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