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Lab1v1-Lab-Tour 09 - LAB MODULE #1 INTRODUCTION TO LAB –...

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Unformatted text preview: LAB MODULE #1 INTRODUCTION TO LAB – TOURING THE LAB RESOURCES OBJECTIVES: The student must be able to: 1. Describe safety and house keeping issues for lab room. 2. Identify the equipment and be able to obtain detailed information about equipment from within Windows and the Internet. 3. Navigate the desktop and utilize operating system services 4. Use the local area network to access stored information through mapped drive letters or Intranet Server. 5. Use the Internet to search for and download information and send email. 6. Restore computers to original state. REFERENCE: The previous page of this outline. Text #1 Chapter #1 Milli - Local File and Print Sharing Server EQUIPMENT: Student Supplied:- Binder containing Course Outline, Lab Procedures and Report Forms - Safety glasses- Tools Philips screw driver and needle nose pliers- Internet access (Home or Open Access)- USB memory stick College Supplied:- Windows XP based Desktop PC- Windows XP based Trainer PC- Speakers - Image File = P3XP211.GHO/ Session = P3 /subject to change/- Image File = P4XP211.GHO/ Session = P4 /subject to change/ EE 368 - L#1 – Pg#1 Tour For Today PROCEDURE: FIRST STOP- LAB BEHAVIOUR AND EVALUATION (15 Min) 1. Instructor will discuss how you will be evaluated. If you have not printed the outline yet record this information in your notes. Course Outlines and Lab Procedures – Available on Ozone 2. Report to the instructor when you are finished your lab, the completion time will be recorded and will be worked into your grade. You will not obtain a full lab mark if you leave the lab before the lab period is over (1 hour and 50 minutes). When you are finished the lab you are required to use the remaining time to study the courseware for the upcoming quiz. (Not work on another classes homework.) 3. Instructor will describe how to restore to computers to a working state and how they must be left in order for the instructor to verify their state. Improperly restored computers will result in a loss of grade? 4. Read over the Laboratory Information Acknowledgement located at the end of the lab. Check off each point and fill it the information at the bottom form and sign both copies of the Agreement. Please hand in the first copy with lab report. 5. Complete the Lab Working Environment checklist at the end of the lab procedure. SECOND STOP- LAB EQUIPMENT (35 Min) HARDWARE (15Min) 1. This lab will use two different computers one will be referred to as the Desktop PC (Optiplex 755) the other will be referred to as the Trainer PC (GX 270). 2. With the computer Trainer PC turned off examine the system unit, keyboard and monitor for information and record using your current computer vocabulary descriptive information about this computer in the space below....
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Lab1v1-Lab-Tour 09 - LAB MODULE #1 INTRODUCTION TO LAB –...

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