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Lab2-Computer-Assembly 09

Lab2-Computer-Assembly 09 - 1LAB MODULE#2 SYSTEM HARDWARE...

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1 LAB MODULE #2 SYSTEM HARDWARE COMPONENTS - RECOGNITION AND INSTALLATION OBJECTIVES: After completing this exercise, the student should be able to: - obtain technical information about systems from the manufacturer’s web site - list and describe all that major parts that make up the System Unit - describe the purpose of each major component and list its main specifications - assemble a computer from basic parts and test to see if it works REFERENCES: Text #1 Chapter 3 Assembling a Computer EQUIPMENT: Student Supplied: - Binder containing Course Outline, Lab Procedures and Report *** - Safety glasses - Tools Philips screw driver and needle nose pliers - Internet access College Supplied: - Windows XP based Trainer PC - Image Files PRELAB: PART #1 – SYSTEM IDENTIFICATION 1. Use the Service Tag from Lab #1 to obtain information from the Dell Web site to complete as much of the table shown on the results sheet as possible. (Use the procedure from Lab #1 including the username and password you created to access this information make sure you use the service tag # you provided to the instructor on the results sheet or your values may not match.) Look under “Product Manuals + Specifications” for more information about your system. EE 368 – L#2 – Pg# 1
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****************************** READ THIS FIRST ********************************* WARNING STATIC ELECTRICITY DO NOT INSERT OR HANDLE THE COMPONENTS UNTIL THE PROCEDURE REQUIRES YOU TO. DO NOT TOUCH THE GOLD PLATED EDGE CONNECTORS OF THE VARIOUS DEVICES AS THE SKIN OILS CAN CHANGE THE CONDUCTIVITY OF THE CONNECTION. ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR SAFETY GLASSES WHILE WORKING IN THE LAB DURING THIS EXPERIMENT. (Removal of your glasses during the class will result in the instructor reducing your in lab evaluation.) This lab can be done in groups of two if equipment is limited. The components you will be handling are very susceptible to damage from static electricity, the proper procedure is to wear an antistatic wrist strap, if these are not available it is important to touch a ground point on the bench before touching the component. The components should be kept on an antistatic mat if this is not available use an antistatic bag as a mat and store any unused devices in the bag when finished with your project. PART #2 – MAJOR SYSTEM COMPONENT IDENTIFICATION 1. Disassemble the following components from the computer: 1. the three ribbon cables 2. power cables from all the drives and motherboard 3. CDROM drive 4. CPU and place on antistatic bag 5. RAM memory and place on antistatic bag 6. fold the power supply open 2. Locate the follow the MAJOR system components on your system unit and label them on the diagram on the Lab Results sheet. Chassis, Power Supply, Motherboard, Floppy Drive, Hard Drive, CDROM Drive PART #3 – DETAILED PART EXAMINATION 1. Following procedures require you to find detailed information about each of the Major components found in the System unit.
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Lab2-Computer-Assembly 09 - 1LAB MODULE#2 SYSTEM HARDWARE...

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