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Lab4-Windows-Basics-plus-XP-Installation 09

Lab4-Windows-Basics-plus-XP-Installation 09 - 1LAB MODULE#4...

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1 LAB MODULE #4 WINDOWS XP BASICS - INSTALLATION PLUS OBJECTIVES: After completing this exercise, the student should be able to: - determine if the software is compatible with the hardware - collect the required information before installing an operating system - use FDISK and FORMAT to prepare a hard drive for operating system installation - install Windows XP using 16 bit WINNT setup program - name the different parts of the Windows XP graphical user interface - customize the Windows XP graphical user interface - utilize the Windows XP graphical user interface to manage files and folders - create shortcuts to applications, tools, files and folders - utilize the control panel to set various operational parameters for the computer - utilize the Help menu to find information about Windows XP Pro REFERENCES: EQUIPMENT: Student Supplied: - Internet access College Supplied: - DOS boot disk - Windows XP based Desktop PC - Windows XP based Trainer PC - Image Files = Cab file PARTITION image P4XPCAB.GHO /Session P4 - Image Files = Restore DISK image P4XP211.GHO / Session P4 *** NOTE: Instructor must multicast Cab files as a PARTITION not a disk or the procedure will not work! *** EE368 W09 - Lab#4- Pg# 1
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PROCEDURE: PART #1 MICROSOFT WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL - INSTALLATION Building Block #1 - Lab Setup 1. Boot your computer when your instructor asks you to, so you can join the Ghostcast to get the image you will need for this lab. This image will setup the computer so that the following lab procedures will work properly. 2. Reboot the computer into Windows XP Pro continue with the next Building Block. Building Block #2 - Compare hardware requirements for Windows XP PRO with the available hardware - (15 min) 1. Using your computer access the Windows XP PRO requirements web page at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/pro/evaluation/sysreqs.asp to determine the hardware requirements for this Network Operating system. Obtain the information about the lab hardware using the methods covered in the introductory lab. Transfer this information to your Lab Report. CPU Speed Memory Disk Space Video Installation Medium Other Required Available 2. Use My Network Places to access the Milli server and locate the WXPro_CD directory look at the subdirectories. Record in your Lab Report which one you think contains the distribution software? 3. Practice accessing the shared WXPro_CD folder by creating a mapped drive to this location. (Right Click on shared folder.) Once this shared folder is mapped use My Computer to access the drive letter associated with the WXPro_CD folder. Building Block #3 - Planning for Installation - (15 min) 1. C ollect required information in order to allow installation: A. Does the equipment meet OS software requirements (see BB#2). Y/N _______ B. Does the installer have access to Win XP Pro distribution software? (CDROM or Network) Y/N ________ Where is the distribution software located? ____________________ C.
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Lab4-Windows-Basics-plus-XP-Installation 09 - 1LAB MODULE#4...

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