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Lab5-Windows-XP-Advanced 09 - 1LAB MODULE#5 WINDOWS XP...

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1 LAB MODULE #5 WINDOWS XP ADVANCED – SYSTEM MANAGEMENT OBJECTIVES: After completing this exercise, the student should be able to: - explain how a login relates to system security and reliability - create appropriate passwords to create a secure login - contrast the User’s privileges versus Administrator’s privileges - verify working system hardware using Device Manager - determine running programs, processes and system performance using Task Manager - explain why the User cannot manage storage areas; add/remove hardware or system software, or user/security rights - explain the Users responsibility to maintain a secure and reliable working environment - list several administrative responsibilities - enable viewing of all system files - utilize the Computer Management Window to administer a system - utilize administrative control of hardware using the Device Manager - monitor system operation utilizing Event Viewer to monitor Applications Security and System Logs - describe system services and utilize Services tool to administer services - apply administrative control over system processes using Task Manager - manage storage systems using Disk Management tool - add/remove hardware and software using Device Manager - apply Microsoft Critical Updates and Service packs - create users and restrict access to files and folders using “ Local Users and Groups” tool Technology - use administrative rights to manage user files and folders REFERENCES: Text #1, Chapters 5, 12 Lecture EQUIPMENT: Student Supplied: - printed copy of this lab and answer sheet College Supplied: - Service Disks (DOS BOOT Disk0 - Windows XP based Desktop PC - Windows XP based Trainer PC - Image Files = Restore image P4XP211.GHO / Session E211P4 EE368-W09 - LAB #5 Page 1 of 10
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PROCEDURE: PART #1 - LAB SETUP (5min) 1. Your Instructor will Ghostcast the Windows XP image to your workstation. This image will setup the computer so that the following lab procedures will work properly. 2. Reboot the computer into Windows XP Pro and continue with the next part. PART #2 MICROSOFT WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL – USER SECURITY/RIGHTS 1. The major difference between the Windows 9X-ME product line and the Windows 200X-XP product line is system security and reliability. 2. The reliability comes partly from the security and partly from enhanced operating system technology built into Windows XP. 3. The current image does not use passwords for the user account (e211); this user is vulnerable to viruses, data theft or other malicious acts. 4. As a security conscious user add a password by going to the Control Panel +User Accounts + Create a Password. Read the “Learn About” + “Creating a secure password” + “Creating a good password” + “Remembering a password” to determine how to create an appropriate password. Record your final password in the Lab Report for evaluation. 5.
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Lab5-Windows-XP-Advanced 09 - 1LAB MODULE#5 WINDOWS XP...

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