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Course Outline                          1.0 IDENTIFICATION COURSE INFORMATION Course Name Electronic Circuits Course Code ELEC EE361 and ELEC EE362 Course Classification Foundational Course Type Core Program Code and Name 536 – Electrical Engineering Technology – Control 537 – Electronics Engineering Technology – Telecommunications 552 – Computer Engineering Technology Total Course Hours 70 Credit Value 5 Development School Engineering Technology Department Electrotechnology Academic Year 2 Approving Associate Dean Jay Notay 2.0 LEARNING OVERVIEW SUBSECTION VALUE Course Description This course starts with a review of Field Effect Transistor biasing. It then proceeds to multistage amplifier analysis as well as power amplifiers. Basic Op-Amp circuits, Configurations and Applications are major topic of the course. Power Supplies and basic radio frequency receivers are also covered. Status of Resources REQ= Required REC= Recommended REF= Reference Type of Resources Text Book OR Supply Code or ISBN Name or Title Author/Publisher or Vendor Version/ Edition Type Status 0-13- 114080- 9 Electronic Devices T. Floyd, Prentice Hall 7 Text REQ 0-13- 114086 8 Lab Manual: Laboratory Exercises for Electronic Devices Buchla, Prentice Hall 6 Text REQ Safety Glasses Bookstore REQ Protoboard Electrotechnology shop Sup REQ Test Leads Pre-made in first semester Engineering Skills Class Sup REQ LAB KIT Sup REQ Side cutters Sup REQ Wire strippers Sup REQ Slot-blade Screwdriver Sup REQ Pre-requisite(s) Course Code Course Name Details
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EE251/2 Electronic Devices MATH 10021 Mathematics Old course number was MA279 Co-requisite(s) Course Code Course Name Details MATH 10014 Calculus 1 Equivalent courses Course Code Course Name Details Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition CH Challenge PA Portfolio Assessment 3.0 COURSE CONTENT
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ELEC_EE361 - Course Outline 1.0 IDENTIFICATION COURSE...

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