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ps page 1 - PRELAB WEEK#10 POWER SUPPLY(to be done...

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Unformatted text preview: PRELAB WEEK #10 - POWER SUPPLY ' (to be done separately by both partners) 1. Calculate the DC voltage and AC ripple in the power supply project across (31 if the load current is 400 mA. ' EQUIPMENT POWER SUPPLY 12V transformer chassis oscilloscope DVM power decade box PROCEDURE A) Power Supply , 1. EE362 Insert and solder 4 rectifier diodes D1 to D4, filter capacitor 0.1, series resistor R1 and the zener diode. Be sure Cl is in cdrrectly (+ on top). Connect a power decade box set to 509 across (31 to act as a load on the rectifier. Connect ”12 VAC" terminals to the 12V transformer chassis. Use the DVM to measure the DC voltage across Cl and the zener diode. Use the scope to measure the AC ripple voltage across 01 and across the zener diode. Repeat for decade box set to 1009 and 2009. Get the values for "VREG" and "180” for your group from the table. 0.5V _ . Calculate RC5 = "3:5 . Calculate values for 2 or 3 standard reelstors li'l - parallel to be within 1% of RCL. lf1Q is needed, a 2W resistor is in the kit. IfVREG is largerthan the zener voltage (VZ), skip-to 1C}. 23 .- ...
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