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3 phase wye problems

3 phase wye problems - EE369-Industrial Automation Wye...

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Unformatted text preview: EE369-Industrial Automation Wye Problems 01). Q2)- Q4)- Q5). Q6). Q7)- The output from a 3 phase Y connected transformer is 10 kVA. If the phase voltage is 250V, find: (a) line voltage (b) line current A 55 kVA 3 phase Y connected power supply has a phase current of 150A . Calculate: (a) Line current (b) Line voltage (c) Phase Voltage (D) Voltamps output per phase In a balanced 3 phase 4 wire system the voltage between line and neutral is 120V. If the voltamps per phase is 2.8 kVA . (a) total voltamps I (h) line voltage ‘ (c) line current ((1) phase current In a 3 phase Y (Wye) connected load has a line voltage is 440V and a line current is 180A. If the power factor of the load is 0.88, calculate: (a) kVA total output (1)) kVA output per phase (0) Output pOWer (d) Phase current In a 3 phase, 4 wire system, the voltage between line and neutral is 330V. If the total power transmitted to a load is 60 kW at a phase angle of I 5° lag, calculate the following: (a) line voltage (13) line current (c) total kVA In a 3 phase Y/Y connected transformer, the primary voltage is 575V and the primary current is 100A, Calculate: (a) secondary voltage if transformer ratio is 4 to I (b) secondary current (c) kVA (d) output power if phase angle is 13" lag A 3 phase Y/Y transformer is rated at 60 kVA, with a primary voltage of 600V. If the transformer ratio is 5 to I, and is fully loaded calculate: (a) secondary line voltage (b) secondary phase voltage (c) primary current (d) secondary current (e) powor output at pf= 0.85 17 ...
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