EE370 PLC lab 2 modification to boiler system

EE370 PLC lab 2 modification to boiler system - Pump#1...

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EE370 – Industrial Automation Lab PLC Lab #2 This is a modification to the “Boiler System” problem in PLC lab #2 in the lab manual. Please follow this procedure instead of the one in the lab manual. 1 BOILER SYSTEM Hot water boiler systems commonly have safety devices and operating sequences as described below. The usual method of control is to have a circulating pump activate a flow switch, thus proving that the water is in motion, before the gas valve is lit. Address Device Operation I:001/00 NO toggle switch TS1 21 C room thermostat I:001/01 NC toggle switch TS2 45 C high temperature switch I:000/00 NO toggle switch FS1 flow switch I:000/01 NC toggle switch PS1 high pressure switch O:003/00 contactor #1
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Unformatted text preview: Pump#1 circulating pump O:003/01 relay #1 GV1 gas valve O:003/02 pilot light alarm horn Operating Sequence: Pump#1 is activated when the program is put in the run mode and operates continuously. If the room temperature drops below 21 C and the flow switch is closed, the gas valve is activated. If the boiler pressure exceeds 750kPa or the water temperature exceeds 45 C, the gas valve deactivates. A horn also sounds if the pressure exceeds 750kPa. When the pressure returns to normal, the horn stops. Write and test a ladder logic program for the operating sequence given. Demonstrate the program to the instructor. R. Khan Nov. 2009...
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