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Install tires onto rims - After 5 seconds the motor is...

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Create ladder logic to implement this project on the PLC5. A machine is used in an automotive plant to install tires onto rims to make finished wheels. The operation is as described below: An operator ensures that the correct style of rim and tire are in place. When all is correct, the operator presses a Start Pushbutton. Immediately, cylinder #1 is retracted and held in place to clamp the rim into place. After 6 seconds cylinder #2 is extended and held to press the tire bead onto the rim. After 3seconds a motor is operated to rotate the tire by 90 degrees.
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Unformatted text preview: After 5 seconds the motor is stopped and cylinder #2 is retracted. The preceding 3 steps are repeated a total of 4 times to ensure that the tire is fully installed onto the rim. Finally, cylinder #1 is retracted to unclamp the rim and cylinder #3 extends for 4 seconds to push the completed wheel out of the station. Assign I/O addresses as required. Thoroughly document your logic and printout a report of your application. Wire all the necessary inputs and outputs to the Mohawk test panel for demonstration....
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