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Using the PLC5 system at your station, design the logic to solve the following problem: Access to a parking lot is to be controlled by a PLC. The parking lot can only hold 50 cars maximum. Agate at the entrance and another gate at the exit control the access to the parking lot. There are two sensors in the pavement, one just in front of the entrance gate and the other just inside the exit gate. The exit and entrance sensors will keep track of the number of cars in the lot. If there are fewer than 50 cars in the lot, the entrance gate will open to allow a car to enter and the count of cars in the lot is adjusted. If the number of cars in the lot
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Unformatted text preview: reaches 45 then a “lot Full” sign is illuminated also turned OFF when a car leaves the lot by the exit gate. The entrance gate is prevented from opening to allow too many cars in the lot only when the actual number of cars inside the parking lot reaches the full capacity of 50. Assign I/O addresses as required. Thoroughly document your logic and printout a report of your application. Wire all the necessary inputs and outputs to the Mohawk test panel for demonstration....
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