Relay Ladder Logic Practice problems 2

Relay Ladder Logic Practice problems 2 - -Once the drum is...

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EE369 Relay Ladder Logic Practice problems 1. Motor M1 is controlled by a standard Start-Stop-Seal circuit as follows: when the start pushbutton is pressed, a red light is turned on and 10 seconds later, M1 starts to run and seals itself. The light stays on as long as the motor runs. When the Stop pushbutton is pressed, the red light and M1 are both stopped at the same time. 2. A simple washing machine operates as follows: - Pressing a N.O. Start pushbutton activates a (Fill) Solenoid valve - This starts to fill the drum with water until a N.O. High level switch activates
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Unformatted text preview: -Once the drum is full, the drum motor runs for 5 minutes-Then, a (Drain) Solenoid valve is activated to empty the drum-The drain valve is active until a N.O. Low level switch activates IF YOU REALLY WANT TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF TRY THE NEXT QUESTION (The exam will not have questions of this high difficulty): 3. Two motors are controlled as follows:-Pressing a N.O. start pushbutton starts and seals motor M1-10 seconds later, motor M2 starts and seals itself-Pressing a N.C. stop pushbutton will stop M2 first-20 seconds later, motor M1 stops...
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