AC electric bikes wil ebikes be the new commuter cool

AC electric bikes wil ebikes be the new commuter cool -...

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Will e-bikes be the new 'commuter cool'? Story Highlights Electric bikes can run either on pedal-power or their tiny motors "It's like being in a flying dream . .. it will blow your mind," says rider E-bike commuters like saving gas and arriving at work without breaking a sweat China has more than 100 million electric bikes -- four times the number of cars By Steve Almasy CNN October 17, 2009 (CNN) -- Keith Felch is admittedly a big guy, but more than a few super-fit cyclists in Southern California have been left wondering how that dude just went flying by. And then his wife, Mary, comes motoring past. "They stare, like how can a girl go past me," she says, laughing. It takes the other riders a few seconds but then they figure it out. They have electric motors. The Felches, who live in Aliso Viejo, California, used to drive everywhere, except when they used their bikes for recreation. That changed when they got their new e-bikes, made by a company called Optibike. Now, they ride to go shopping and to go to breakfast -- but mostly they ride to work. Keith Felch says the couple has cut 50 percent of their car-use since they started electric biking. And there are other benefits. Keith Felch dropped 30 pounds and his blood pressure fell 10 points in the first six months he owned the bike, he says. The Felches don't exactly classify themselves as "environmentalists," although Mary said it is important to have a positive effect on the planet. "I learned that the worst amount of smog that you put out [in an automobile] is in the first mile, so if we can make even some of those shorter trips on our bicycles, it makes a big difference," she says. Who wants one?
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AC electric bikes wil ebikes be the new commuter cool -...

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