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AC Electric Sports Car Rolls Out

AC Electric Sports Car Rolls Out - Long-awaited electric...

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Long-awaited electric sports car rolls out Story Highlights www.cnn.com May 3, 2008 Tesla Roadster is powered by lithium-ion battery and costs $109,000 Officials say it can go 225 miles on one charge and fully recharge in 3½ hours First store opens in California, with more planned next year Delivery will take about 15 months, company says LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- It's safe to say Jeremy Snyder gets a charge out of the two-seat Tesla Roadster whenever he pulls one off the lot, and not because it's equipped with an all-electric engine. As he pulled one of the sleek new automobiles down a side street Thursday and put the pedal to the metal, its lithium-ion battery-powered engine didn't give off sparks. It just emitted a powerful hum, like a much quieter version of a jet taking off. "Accelerate pretty good?" asked Snyder, head of client services for Tesla, who knew the answer. "I call it a turbine sound," he said of the sound. "Because it's an electric motor, it's got 100 percent torque all the time. So it just pulls you like when you're taking off in an airplane."
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