AC Medical Issues Health and Literacy

AC Medical Issues Health and Literacy - Read a book - your...

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Read a book - your health depends on it New research shows that having a post-secondary education increases your life expectancy by about seven years ANDRE PICARD March 13, 2008 at 11:41 AM EDT Want your children to grow up to be healthy, wealthy and wise? Then read them a book. Read them a book every night before bed. Read along as they discover the wonders of the alphabet and their first words. Steer them toward computer games that require some literacy, not just thumb dexterity. As they grow up, help them discover books that engross them, such as the Screech Owls series, or the Amos Daragon collection. Have newspapers and magazines around the house. Lead by example, turn off the television and read a book yourself. Do everything in your power to help them stay in school and go on to college or university. While we obsess about our weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, the single best predictor of good health and longevity is probably literacy. Literacy is the foundation of a good education and educational achievement is a good predictor of income. That trio - literacy, education, income (not to mention housing and a good physical environment, which flow from income) are powerful determinants of health. And we were reminded this week, in a series of studies, just how powerful those factors
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AC Medical Issues Health and Literacy - Read a book - your...

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