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Pick a Corporation to Investigate Abbot Laboratories Apple Hewlett Packard Monsanto Intel QLogic Any Car Company Samsung, Sony, Toshiba Canadian Tire The Body Shop The Gap Philip Morris General Mills Microsoft Home Depot MacDonald’s Wendy’s Tim Horton’s Any Canadian Bank Oil and Gas Companies UPS Walmart *Your Choice* In an effort to provide a balanced approach to the material we have looked at which paints a critical picture of corporate citizenship, I invite you to investigate the corporation of your choice. If you go to the official website for just about any corporation, you will find a positive
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Unformatted text preview: picture of corporate citizenship, typically with information about the various charitable efforts the corporation sponsors. You may also have firsthand information as a result of being employed by a Macdonald’s or a Canadian Tire or a Tim Horton’s. NOTE: It is entirely your choice as to whether you want to follow the suggestions in this file. It isn’t an “assignment” that you must do. I used to make it a requirement; now it is entirely optional....
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