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AC W10 Community Destinations

AC W10 Community Destinations - Active Citizenship...

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Active Citizenship Community Destinations for Group Presentations Important: Before you go to any of these destinations, you need to double check the information below. Contact persons, hours of admission, admission costs, and the like can change quickly. Make a phone call, check out the web site, and inform yourselves before setting out. Fennell Destinations 1. The Canadian Marine Discovery Centre 57 Guise Street E, Hamilton 905-526-0911 Hours: Weekly 10 am to 6pm Admission: $6.50 This is a brand new federal government sponsored educational facility designed to teach people about marine habitats (including the unique ecosystems in the Hamilton Harbour) and the need to officially designate marine areas as conservations sites the same way we do for land. It is an excellent hands-on, interactive facility with knowledgeable interpreters willing to answer questions. Students can drop by anytime during hours of operation. Related research sites: Bay Area Restoration www.hamiltonharbour.ca Hamilton Waterfront Trust www.hamiltonwaterfront.com 2. The Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum 58 Jackson St. West, Hamilton 905-528-7566 This is a unique facility that documents the history of the sport to present day, including amateur and varsity exhibits. It is also a national archival repository for anything related to Canadian football including all Canadian trophies. Each year, new members are inducted into the Hall of Fame via a nomination and voting process. Documents the sport as it relates to both Canadian and Hamilton identity and hosts community events in the lecture hall. Large volunteer staff.
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This is a small facility not enough people know the significance of. The facility has people to available to answer questions during operating hours and the staff of two is willing to make time to accommodate student needs, particularly if they call ahead. Related research sites: Hamilton Amateur Sports Organization Minor league football teams Living Rock Organization – a source of volunteers 3. Ontario Workers Arts and Heritage Centre 51 Stuart Street, Hamilton 905-522-3003 Hours: Admission: free Only museum in Canada documenting workers’ heritage. The exhibitions explore issues such as safety in the workplace and the evolution of worker’s compensation. Space is used by many community groups such as a steel band. They understand issues about citizenship as well as a good source for information about unions and their purpose. Staff is willing to accommodate students and the contact individual is a former Mohawk graduate. They also have a lot of printed information in the resource library. Related research sites: Workers health and safety organization 4. Burlington Arts Centre 1333 Lakeshore Road, Burlington www.burlingtonartcentre.on.ca 905-632-7796 Hours: Monday – Thursday 9 am to 10 pm Friday and Saturday – 9 am to 5pm Sunday 12pm to 5pm Admission: free Excellent large community art gallery that exhibits both national traveling shows and work of local artists and crafters. Craft guilds an important part of the facility,
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AC W10 Community Destinations - Active Citizenship...

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