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Communications 10034: Active Citizenship Community Destination Group Presentations – Instructions Winter 2010 In a group of four students, prepare and deliver a 10 to 15-minute presentation in class about the Passport Destination you chose to visit. Additional time will be allowed for audience questions. Each group member must speak in the presentation. Make sure your presentation is well-structured and organized. Include an introduction, three or four main points that are clearly developed and a conclusion. (Do not simply answer the assignment questions in order). Step 1: Introduce your topic clearly. Let people know where you visited, your purpose, and three or four main points you will discuss. Step 2: Then develop your topic. IMPORTANT! In your presentation, you need to do more than simply describe what you saw. You need to do additional research about the subject and really think about the issues this organization deals with and why those issues are important to the community. Have these issues been covered in the media? It is particularly important to explain
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