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AC Medical Issues From The Toronto Star, September 17, 2006, p. D11, True Patriot Love by Leslie Schrivener: “Quebec pollster Alain Giguere, president of CROP Inc., says his research shows when Canadians are asked for symbols of their national identity, they chose the health care system above all else – above hockey, the beaver and bilingualism. ‘The fact that we shared the wealth, that we didn’t want people to die in the streets, showed that in this country was a very high level of humanism.’” 1. Stem Cell Research and How It Can Be Used 2. Mandatory Organ Donation – A Good Idea? Practical Implementation? 3. Organs for Sale – Why or Why Not? 4. Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide -- Here and Elsewhere 5. Drug Testing/New Medical Procedures and Devices on Animals 6. Drug Testing in Third World Countries and on Prison Inmates 7. Cloning Animals/Humans and Harvesting Body Parts – What is possible? What is desirable? 9. Medical Uses of Marijuana and Legal Status in Canada (or elsewhere)
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Cosmetic Surgery – Should there be any limitations on types, amount per person, ages of person? Should physicians whose medical education has been paid for by our tax dollars be allowed to go into this field without paying back a substantial part of their education costs? 11. Terry Schiavo – Could it happen here? What can you and your family do to prevent a similar situation? 12. Artificial Insemination/ In Vitro Procedures – What are the problems? What are the positives? Who should pay? 13. Sex Determination of One’s Child – What is happening here and elsewhere and what are the implications for society? 14. AIDS and Confidentiality/Mandatory Reporting 15. Mandatory Vaccination of Infants and Children 16. Should Health Care in Canada Be Privatized? 17. Mandatory Treatment of Children Whose Parents’ Religion Prohibits Medical Intervention 18. HPV Vaccination of Grade 7/8 Girls in Schools 19. Your choice...
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