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Organ donation progress January 28, 2010 It is heartening to hear that solid progress is being made in Ontario toward improving a heretofore lacklustre organ donation system. More people are opting to give "the gift of life" by registering their consent to organ donation, more organs are being transplanted, and more lives are being saved. Thanks to the generosity of 218 deceased donors and their families, a total of 691 life-saving organ transplants were performed last year – a 17 per cent increase over 2008. The rate of human tissue donations was even more impressive, with 1,299 donors in 2009, up by 24 per cent from the year before. These donations include bone grafts, heart valves and skin. Last year was "a record-breaking year," declares Frank Markel, head of the Trillium Gift of Life Network, which is in charge of promoting and co-ordinating organ donation across the province.
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Unformatted text preview: Markel attributes the improved numbers to a new push to get Ontarians to register their intentions to donate with OHIP rather than just signing the donor cards in their wallets. Registration is considered a more foolproof way to ensure that the decision to donate is respected, as the information is stored in a Ministry of Health database. As of June last year, 17 per cent of eligible Ontarians over the age of 16 had registered their willingness to donate – a 5 per cent increase from just seven months earlier. Despite the advances seen in 2009, it is important to remember that about 1,600 people in Ontario continue to wait for a life-saving transplant. Tragically, some will never receive the organs they need and will die on that waiting list. Those lives could be saved if more Ontarians registered their decision to donate....
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