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AC Privacy Do you snoop on your teen Globe and Mail

AC Privacy Do you snoop on your teen Globe and Mail - Do...

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Do you snoop on your teen? Tech-savvy parents are snapping up a slew of new surveillance gizmos to monitor all their teens' activities, from driving while texting to overspending to 'sexting' ZOSIA BIELSKI February 23, 2009 at 7:27 PM EDT www.theglobeandmail.com April 11, 2009 James Green was not amused when his 15-year-old daughter Bernice started getting text messages from neighbourhood boys at 10:30 at night. There they were, popping up on his cellphone. The Sulphur, La., salesman had installed RADAR on Bernice's cellphone; the software lets parents monitor everything that goes in and out of their teens' phones, including texts and photos. "It is the most immaculate thing in the world. She knows I can see everything she does, which kind of puts some responsibility in her court," said the father of four, sheepishly admitting he lied to Bernice, initially telling her the technology was merely a GPS insert. "I only did it because I love her more than life itself," he said. If you're still snooping on your teen through Facebook, you're hopelessly out of touch. Tech- savvy parents are taking advantage of a slew of new surveillance gadgets to control almost anything their teens try to do, from driving while texting, to going haywire with the debit card at the mall, to more troubling deeds like "sexting." Today, Discover is launching the Current Card, which lets parents control their teens' spending by limiting how and where the card can be used. Online, parents can keep track of every
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