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AC W10 Show and Tell Assignment

AC W10 Show and Tell Assignment - Active Citizenship Show...

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Active Citizenship: Show and Tell Assignment (15%) Throughout the course I attempt to introduce information that I think is timely and pertinent to us as citizens in an increasingly complicated and problematic society . I have arbitrarily chosen themes relating to privacy issues (inevitably and inextricably linked to technology), medical issues, and stereotypes. The fourth category, corporate citizenship, was chosen by those who designed the course initially. I have no problem including this particular unit in the course as I think the influence of corporations on our lives as consumers and upon our political, cultural, and economic institutions is huge and thus warrants examination. There are many other areas of equal interest and importance well worth examining. This assignment provides you with the opportunity to come forth with your own selections and to share them with the class. If you find something that relates to areas we have already looked at, that is fine. If you want to venture into other areas, that is ideal.
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