AC W10 Gender Issues nytimes on current tv shows

AC W10 Gender Issues nytimes on current tv shows - January...

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January 31, 2010 TELEVISION Damsels in Distress, Bozos in Heat  By  NEIL GENZLINGER THE television landscape is a universe of opposites. The Travel network (get up and go someplace!) is the opposite of HSN (sit on your couch and buy stuff!). Syfy (fantastical things that haven’t happened yet) is the opposite of History (moderately interesting things that have already happened). The Golf Channel (sedentary activity watched by sedentary old duffers) is the opposite of Nick Jr. (frenetic activity watched by frenetic young children). But one pair is more striking, more revelatory, than all the rest: Spike versus Lifetime. Guys versus Gals. XY versus XX. And with each channel offering new fare this month — Spike introduced the gross-out comedy “Blue Mountain State”; Lifetime fired up a new season of “Project Runway” — it seems a good time to compare and contrast these two cable franchises. What do their programs tell us about the sexes? What deep-seated yearnings drive the male of the species? What hopes and fears motivate the female? Is one smarter than the other, and if so, by how much? Spike, part of MTV Networks , used to call itself “the first network for men.” Lifetime, owned by the A&E Networks, once used the tag “television for women.” Neither is quite so blatant now, but spend a few minutes with either one’s original programming (as opposed to the avalanche of repurposed shows from other sources that both use to fill air time), and there’s no mistaking which viewers are being trolled for. Back in 2005 Spike even shoved out Albie Hecht as president because he had attracted too many female viewers. Or so the news was played at the time. No, there’s no getting around it: Spike (average prime-time viewership: 1.05 million, according to the Nielsen Company) is Guy Land; Lifetime (1.1 million) is Gal Land. And here is what can be learned by studying them. IN GAL LAND CRIME IS THE DOMINANT FEATURE OF LIFE. IN GUY LAND THE ONLY CRIME IS STUPIDITY. Lifetime is big on original movies (it recently started a separate, movies-only channel), but a large
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AC W10 Gender Issues nytimes on current tv shows - January...

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