AC Stereotypes Kick a Ginger Day School Suspensions

AC Stereotypes Kick a Ginger Day School Suspensions - the...

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School suspensions over 'Kick a Ginger' anger parents November 24, 2009 Dana Brown About two dozen kids at Burlington Central Elementary School were suspended last week after allegedly taking part in "Kick a Ginger Day," which encourages people to kick those with red hair. But parents of some of those disciplined say the way the school punished the children is out of line. Nov. 20 has become known among young people as "Kick a Ginger Day" in a nod to a 2005 episode of the animated TV show South Park in which characters waged violence against redheads. Halton police say they were called to the downtown Burlington school about 8 a.m. Friday and are investigating at least four incidents. No one needed medical attention. Local trustee Mary Dilly said she heard 24 to 28 kids were suspended after ganging up on about four kids and kicking them. She felt criminal charges should be laid and
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Unformatted text preview: the kids should be suspended for five days. But parents of some suspended students say their kids were not involved in any malicious actions. "They were called guilty in front of all of their peers before there was any kind of investigation," said Lawrie Melton, whose 13-year-old daughter was suspended. Melton said the grades 7 and 8 students were called to an assembly at the end of the day Friday, at which point they were told what had been happening and names were read aloud of those who had to stay behind. The kids were suspended for five days. School vice-principal Maria Limanni would not comment Monday on the situation, saying an investigation is still underway. With files from Daniel Nolan and The Canadian Press...
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AC Stereotypes Kick a Ginger Day School Suspensions - the...

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