AC Stereotypes Fathers Still Saddled with Detached Image

AC Stereotypes Fathers Still Saddled with Detached Image -...

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Fathers and Druthers Dads Are Still Saddled With Detached Image By Mark Trainer Special to The Washington Post Tuesday, June 17, 2008; HE01 So how was Father's Day for you? Did you get a new tie and a Sinatra record? Oh, you got a game for your Wii and the new Death Cab for Cutie ? Cool. Pretty great to be treated like a king after a long week at the office, right? What, your wife's got the full- time job? No, it's your partner, Fred, who does? Still, family's first and it's a great day for . . . Your ex got full custody and you spent the day pretending it was any other Sunday? Sorry to bring up a sore subject. So remind me again: What exactly was it we were celebrating a couple of days ago? Fatherhood isn't just challenging; it's changing. It's probably been changing ever since Adam had to confront his sons' challenging behavior, every generation doing it a little differently. But some ideas of what a father is have hung on pretty tenaciously: He's a provider; he's a role model. Here are some others: He's not big on expressing love; he's probably off working somewhere during the piano recital; he can barely boil water or wash his own clothes, so don't even think of leaving the kids alone with him. From these various roles and expectations has emerged a disparate group of organizations and loose affiliations that add up to what's been called the Fathers Movement. It comprises fathers of many stripes, from young males preparing for the role of father to fathers of grown children still struggling with the relationship between parent and child. Any good movement needs its grievances, and front and center in the Fathers Movement
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AC Stereotypes Fathers Still Saddled with Detached Image -...

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