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COM 285 Week 1 DQ 3 - the right manner And when I have to...

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The two areas where I believe I can improve are verbal communication as well as written communication. The problem which I face is the loss of confidence and due to which I forget the point which I have to speak when I verbally communicate to others. However in written communication I am very good but sometimes I face problems in communicating the exact point. Sometimes my communication is assertive and sometimes it comes through official. When I look at my strengths they also belong to the above mentioned areas of improvement. While communicating verbally I have the ability to convince the people and communicate in
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Unformatted text preview: the right manner. And when I have to communicate in written I make sure that all the points are considered properly. The progress in the above mentioned areas of improvement can help me to develop my traits and abilities by making my performance visible and attractive to others. Developing my abilities in the lacked areas can help me to welcome open communication and can support me in focusing on the assigned task without absent mind....
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