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The three most important points that should be considered while performing collaboratively on a writing project which I suppose are: 1. Listening: to listen efficiently 2. Communication: to convey the points effectively 3. Conflict management: to handle the argument beneficially The above mentioned points are not only necessary in team activities but also to live a life successfully. To listen communicate and to resolve conflict are essential to run the activities in a group fruitfully. Some of the important points which I mentioned below are very effective and supportive when writing in group: • It is necessary to spend time to talk about the issues and to uncover the solutions. • knowing the group members is very important to get the faithfulness of the members.
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Unformatted text preview: • When you are a part of a team it is necessary to be a liable member of the team. Be present at all the meetings and to perform the assignments on time. • Be conscious that different individuals have different methods to experience the authenticity and of delivering themselves. • Because talking is “looser” than writing, people in a group can think they agree when they don’t. Don’t assume that because the discussion went smoothly, a draft written by one person will necessarily be acceptable. Business and Administrative Communication (8th edition). Locker, K., & Kienzler, D. McGraw-Hill, 2008 New York, NY...
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