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COM 285 Week 4 DQ 1

COM 285 Week 4 DQ 1 - other entire message should be...

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Well I believe the negative messages can be conveyed by using the following methods: Face-to-face: when one wants to deliver the news which is very harsh or shocking then one should use face-to-face method. An example of firing the employee from the job or his replacement at different work place can be given with the help of this method. Sometimes face- to-face conversations becomes necessary if the message contains some private information. . Telephone: when one don’t feel that face-to-face communication is not appropriate then he should go for telephonic conversation. Printed mail: sometimes people may use printed mail to give assurance to the face-to-face or telephone discussion. Other than conveying out a rejection letter for service, credit, etc. The
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Unformatted text preview: other entire message should be delivered in person or telephone. Besides, one has to carefully convey the negative information when they want to deliver it through printed mail. E-mail: well I believe this method should not be used to convey negative information. As I’m not confident which type of information can be conveyed via e-mail? I would never merely send negative information via e-mail or printed mail before talking to the person first as he may misunderstand me. This thing we also have seen in hospitals and police who do not convey any negative message related to their patient or victims via e-mail or printed mail. They will always use telephone or convey the information face-to-face....
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