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MGT 307 Week 1-DQ 2

MGT 307 Week 1-DQ 2 - knowledge and new ways of doing...

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Organizations and individuals form a feedback loop of behavioral modification. When individuals enter an organization, they bring their own values, principles, skills, techniques, and beliefs. Ideally, the skills, techniques and knowledge that they have that align most closely with the organizational culture will become entrenched in the organization and will add to the organizational knowledge. They may also be able to contribute higher-level ideas, such as values and belief systems, whether those are enhancements of existing values or improvements on entrenched values that need to change. Organizations impact individuals by teaching them skills,
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Unformatted text preview: knowledge, and new ways of doing things. Over time, the way things are done in an organization can come to seem right and normal, and the individual may carry these into different areas of their life. Organizational culture is the set of implicit and explicit values, beliefs, and knowledge that are unique to a particular organization. It might include things like dress code, appropriate humor, timeliness or lack thereof, mottos or sayings, particular use of technology, philanthropic values, or a shared mission....
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