MGT 307 Week 2-DQ 1

MGT 307 Week 2-DQ 1 - organization has all of the necessary...

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One way that I think that ethics can influence human behavior in organizations is by the choices that any individual makes. So many of an individuals behavior can be influences by situations that go on within the organization, including situations that may be illegal. Many times the things that go on that are illegal happen all because of another individuals desire to be successful no matter who they hurt in the process. We as individuals need to remember that every culture functions sometimes along the lines of their own ethics and values. It is important that an
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Unformatted text preview: organization has all of the necessary information as to what those ethical and values there is great benefit for a company that is able to incorporate all of the differences. Ethics is one of those areas that have many faucets to it. One persons wrong way of doing things can be the totally right way for the other person. It would be beneficial for all of us to be accepting to whatever ethical difference that we might be faced with. Unless it is going to bring harm to the individual themselves or to others they come into contact with....
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