MGT 307 Week 2-DQ 2

MGT 307 Week 2-DQ 2 - How can communication be improved in...

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How can communication be improved in your organization? Here are three simple steps you can take to improve the quality and frequency of the communication in your organization, whether it’s inter-departmental or within your own team. 1. Get out of your chair. Venture forth and meet your colleagues. I’m blown away by people who tell me they’ve worked at a company for 5 years and still “…have no idea who that guy is over there.” I know one guy whose approach to breaking the ice revolves around chocolate chip cookies (and these are some really good cookies). He works the cookie angle to death. Everyone at work gets to sample the cookies at one point or another. It breaks the ice, it leaves an impression and it opens the door to future interaction. If cookies aren’t your thing, that’s fine – goodies aren’t a necessity. Wander around, stick your hand out and introduce yourself. Get out of your chair and stop using IM and e-mail as your primary methods of communication. 2. Listen. Once you’ve introduced yourself, try to do more listening than talking (because it’s tough to listen with your mouth). One way to avoid the verbal vomit syndrome is by asking relevant questions and then listening carefully to the answers. Be genuine, look ‘em in the eye and listen. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn. 3. Make time. Make face-to-face communication part of your daily routine at work. Set time aside to engage your colleagues on a regular basis, and I’m not talking about attending meetings. Invite someone for a coffee, have lunch, take a walk – get out of the office, if at all possible. Sometimes it’s easier to chat when the phone isn’t constantly
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MGT 307 Week 2-DQ 2 - How can communication be improved in...

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