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Positive synergy is created by a work team when it uses coordinated effort. Each individual’s performance efforts combine to create a performance level that surpasses the total of the individual parts. Members offer suggestions or share ideas about the improvement of work methods and process in attempts to increase or maximize productivity. Merril Lynch is an excellent example of this. A problem-solving team was created with the sole purpose of deciding how to reduce the length of the process involved in opening a new cash management account. The total number of steps involved was decreased to 36 from 46, which resulted in the average length of time becoming 8 days instead of 15.
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Unformatted text preview: A high level of conflict among group members is frequently encountered during the storming stage. This is because they are attempting to find and reconcile different opinions on central issues, what goals should be prioritized, what people should be responsible for certain things, and the leader’s task-related direction. Members will often demonstrate hostility towards other members and will fight the group’s leaders. Unresolved conflicts of this nature may result in some group members withdrawing and / or the group disbanding. The storming stage is completed when the leadership of the group is accepted and the resolution of conflicts take place....
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