MGT 307 Week 3-DQ 2

MGT 307 Week 3-DQ 2 - What are the advantages and...

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What are the advantages and disadvantages to group decision making? Whether or not one would resort to group decision making in a particular scenario would depend on whether the advantages of group decision making justify it. There are numerous advantages of group decision making: 1. Diversity: Varied cultures, age groups, gender, etc all add to the diversity of group which gives us varied perspectives and enhances the kind of ideas the group can come up with. 2. Varied experiences: There are difference in fields of experience and amount of experience and there differences in the life experiences and the kind of experiences people have had even with the same problem. This pool of experience can be a great advantage. 3. Enhanced memory for facts: An individual may forget a particular piece of information, but as there are a number of people involved here, there is the combined memory of all members to recollect data. 4. Greater Acceptability of decisions: As everyone has made some contribution to the decision, people tend to be more accepting of the decision. Also those who may not have contributed still support it as “the group” has come to this decision. 5. Error detection: When there are many people working together, mistakes and errors that may have accidentally gone unnoticed and had serious consequences are spotted by other team members.
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MGT 307 Week 3-DQ 2 - What are the advantages and...

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