MGT 307 Week 4-DQ 2

MGT 307 Week 4-DQ 2 - in the organization will become a...

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What ethical issues must you consider when engaging in political behavior in your organization? How do ethical dilemmas increase stress? Office ethics play an important aspect in business polices, in corporate culture integrity should be doing the right thing for the right reason. In an era when so many business organization employees had conducted themselves unethically and immoral business leaders need to go back to the basic founding values of that organization. When employees start using deceitfully politics whether it is with the intention to hurt the corporation or for personal greed their behavior becomes unethical. The passive tolerance of these performances by upper management could become a motivating factor in the corporation; others may use the lenience towards these behaviors and start acting unethically for their personal gain. However, if the latest takes place it does not mean that those were not driven by values. The more time these deeds are permitted the more stressful working
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Unformatted text preview: in the organization will become; a politic of business ethics should incorporate a company's compliance with legal standards and observance to core values and should be enforceable from the top to bottom in any organization. Upper management and employees have the obligation to act ethically; they need to realize they are not there just for the purpose of profit from the business but to act with responsibility and morality. Everyone is responsible for doing their part, to minimize stress employers can capitalize in their organization's benefits, team building exercises, an open door police and positive reinforcement. What responsibility does an organization have, if any, to reduce stress for their employees? They really don't. If there is a hazardous condition, obviously they need to fix that, but they don't really have an obligation to reduce stress. If they are a good employer, value and want to retain their employees, they would do something but they are not legal obligated....
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