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Lecture 34 - Lecture 34 pls-34.1 First Law of...

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Lecture 34 pls-34.1 First Law of Thermodynamics / Thermodynamic Processes Media: 1. None Zeroth law: The game exists First law: You can’t win Second law You can’t break even Third law: You can’t quit playing the game 1. Thermodynamic Assumptions We will only consider systems where N is fixed, but the other thermodynamic variables U , T , P , and V may be changing. Two types of walls: 1. Diathermal : Heat Q can flow between system and rest of universe. 2. Adiabatic : Perfectly insulating Æ No heat flow Note that in the subject of thermodynamics the system is assumed to have a well defined temperature T and well defined pressure P . System U , T , P , V, N Wall Rest of Universe
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Lecture 34 pls-34.2 2. First Law —Relates changes in U to heat flow Q into system (from the outside) and work W done by system (on the outside world). Note : (i) The 1 st law is a form of the conservation of energy Q in Æ U increases; positive W Æ U decreases.
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