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Jim Bidlack - BIO 1304 GENERAL BOTANY Lecture 37 - Angiosperms I. General information A. Angiosperms probably arose from gymnosperms B. Important evolutionary advances of angiosperms 1. 2. Reproductive - flowers II. Flower structure and physiology A. Major taxonomic components 1. Symmetry 2. 3. B. Phenomena associated with flower induction 1. Photoperiodism a) Day-neutral plants - flower independently of day length b) Long-day plants - flower in response to short nights (corn, wheat, and clover) c) Short-day plants - flower in response to long nights (poinsettia, chrysanthemums, Christmas cactus) 2. Circadian rhythm - biological clock 3. Vernalization - cold treatment III. Specific reproductive advances A. Increase in sporophytic generation; less gametophytic 1. When unfertilized, less effort is made towards reproductive structures
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