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Jim Bidlack - BIO 1304 GENERAL BOTANY Lecture 1 - Introduction I. Class introduction A. Name and section of course B. Class participants 1. 3 X 5 cards - one for instructor, others for class a) Side 1 1) Name 2) Student ID number 3) School address and phone 4) Home address and phone 5) E-mail address 6) Medical notes b) Side 2 1) Previous courses 2) School goals 3) Biological interests 4) Life ambitions 2. Cards for class include name and phone number only C. Instructor 1. Name and title 2. Area of expertise - plant physiology and plant anatomy 3. Educational background - Purdue, Univ of Arkansas, Iowa State
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Research and classes taught at UCO D. Other instructors 1. Dr. Gloria Caddell - plant taxonomy / pollination biology (UNC Chapel Hill) 2. Dr. Clark Ovrebo mycology (University of Toronto) 3. Dr. L. Brooke Stabler plant ecology (Arizona State) II. Class organization A. Syllabus 1. Class hours 2. Office hours 3. Lecture / lab 4. Class outline B. Laboratory supplies C. Grading III. Attendance IV. What is botany? A. Biology of plants B. Subdisciplines of botany 1. Systematics / taxonomy 2. Morphology 3. Anatomy 4. Cytology 5. Physiology 6. Genetics 7. Ecology...
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