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LOWVASII34 - Jim Bidlack BIO 1304 GENERAL BOTANY Lecture 34...

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Jim Bidlack - BIO 1304 GENERAL BOTANY Lecture 34 - Lower Vascular Plants [Part II (continued)] C. Phylum Equisetophyta 1. Once abundant (Coal Age forests) but now only one genus remains 2. Equisetum (genus) - also called horsetail or scouring rush a) Silica in the epidermis of stems - used as scouring pads b) Branched rhizome from which upright stems arise c) Stems can have sterile branches and reduced (really small) leaves d) Vascular strands surround and alternate with air canals e) Sporangiophores are grouped together in strobili (cones) f) Reproduction - sporangia under sporangiophores release spores (homosporous), gametophytes are formed, sperm swims from antheridium to archegonium D. Phylum Polypodiophyta - ferns (Order Filicales comprises true ferns) 1. Shade-loving plants 2. 3. Most prominent feature - upright leaves called "fronds"
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