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Jim Bidlack - BIO 1304 GENERAL BOTANY Lecture 4 - I. Plant identification A. Phylogenic (natural) system 1. Kingdom 2. Phylum 3. Class 4. Order 5. Family 6. Genus 7. Species Example: Redbud - Plantae (plants), Anthophyta / Magnoliophyta (flowering), Magnoliopsida (dicots), Rosales (roses), Leguminosae (legumes), Cercis, canadensis II. Special features of angiosperms - monocots and dicots A. Dicotyledonae (Magnoliopsida) 1. "Two cotyledons in seed" 2. Broadleaf plants 3. Netlike leaf veins - xylem and phloem 4. Two leaf parts (sometimes three) a) Blade (leaf) b) Petiole - pelate (attaches to middle) and sessile (direct attachment) 1) Extends the leaf 2) Allows leaf to move c) Stipule - at base of petiole
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