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Jim Bidlack - BIO 1304 GENERAL BOTANY Lecture 38 - Propagation and Plant Ecology I. Types of propagation A. Sexual (seed) B. Asexual (vegetative) II. Reasons for vegetative propagation A. Generate clones from superior plants B. Maintain genotypes used in synthetic varieties C. Propagate varieties which are poor seed producers D. Propagate genotypes with unusual chromosomes or that demonstrate sterility III. Tissues for asexual propagation A. Stolons B. Rhizomes C. Crowns (dividing) D. Stem cuttings E. Leaves - tissue culture ________________________________________________________________________________________ IV. Levels of biological organization A. Subatomic particles - electron, proton, neutron B. Atom - smallest unit of an element C. Molecule - two or more atoms D. Protein - a large molecule E. Organelle - stuff inside the cell F. Cell - smallest living unit G. Tissue - group of specialized cells H. Organ - one or more types of tissues
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