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SCIMETH - Jim Bidlack BIO 1304 GENERAL BOTANY Special...

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Jim Bidlack - BIO 1304 GENERAL BOTANY Special Lecture - Scientific method and classification of life I. Scientific method A. Ask a question - identify the problem B. Make a hypothesis - induction (sort through criteria) C. Predict what will happen - deduction D. Test the deduction E. Repeat the test F. Make a conclusion G. Examine alternative hypotheses II. Scientific reports A. Title B. Introduction C. Materials and methods D. Results and discussion E. Literature cited III. Theory of natural selection (Charles Darwin) A. More offspring are produced than can survive to the reproductive age B. Populations vary - variation is heritable C. Heritable traits improve chances of survival D. Varied traits under the right conditions favor reproduction (differential reproduction) E. Natural selection is the result of differential reproduction IV. Classification of life - phylogenetic (natural) system
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