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CELL.007 - 3 Contain some DNA D Mitochondria 1 Energy from...

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Jim Bidlack - BIO 5354/4354 PLANT ANATOMY Lecture 7 - Cell, Cell Wall, Cell Organelles I. The cell A. Cells are fundamental organizational units of all living things B. Types of cells 1. Procaryotic 2. Eucaryotic a) Plant b) Animal II. Protoplast A. Protoplasm within membrane / cell contents without the cell wall III. Organelles A. Cell wall 1. Plants 2. Support, structure, & protection B. Nucleus 1. Genetic information - DNA 2. Cell regulation - "the brains" C. Chloroplasts 1. Plants 2. Photosynthesis a) Thylakoids - light capture b) Stroma - conversion to sugar
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Contain some DNA D. Mitochondria 1. Energy from sugars 2. Contain some DNA E. Cytomembrane system 1. Packaging & transport a) Golgi apparatus (dictyosomes) b) Endoplasmic reticulum c) Ribosomes F. Microbodies 1. peroxisomes - photorespiration 2. glyoxisomes - conversion of fats into sugars G. Microtubles - movement & wall synthesis H. Ergastic materials 1. Starch grains - storage I. Vacuoles 1. Storage 2. Waste 3. Water regulation...
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