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Jim Bidlack - BIO 5354/4354 PLANT ANATOMY Lecture 8 - Cell Types & Tissues I. Where do all the different types of cells come from (focus on stems)? A. Meristems 1. Apical meristems a) Shoot tips b) Root tips **** apical meristems are the source of all other meristems **** **** apical meristems form the three primary meristematic tissues **** 2. Primary meristems 1. Protoderm - gives rise to dermal (epidermis) tissue (outermost cells) 2. Ground meristem - gives rise to ground tissue (i.e., parenchyma, collenchyma, and sclerenchyma) 3. Procambium - gives rise to vascular tissue (xylem & phloem) X Y L E M P H L O E M P r o c a m b i u m Protoderm EPIDERMIS Meristematic C e l l s Ground Meristem PARENCHYMA SCLERENCHYMA COLLENCHYMA Chlorenchyma (photosynthetic) Storage (starch) Aerenchyma (air) Sclerified (support) II. Tissue types and their cells (focus on stems) A. Dermal (epidermis) 1. Usually a single superficial layer of cells - epidermal cells 2. Covers the primary tissues 3.
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