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EVALUATOR ID SEMINAR EVALUATION FORM - UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL OKL BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT : PLANT PHYSIOLOGY - PLANT ANATOMY Speaker Subject Use the following scale to rate each of the categories listed below: 1-2 = terrible, 3-4 = poor, 5-6 = adequate, 7-8 = good, 9-10 = excellent. Add all the scores to get an estimate of the total score out of 50 points (you can adjust the final score to accommodate other input if needed). As you listen to the presentation, write CONSTRUCTIVE comments in the section provided at the bottom of this sheet. End your comments with a simple sentence stating what you learned from the presentation. CATEGORY SCORE 1. Ability to communicate with the audience (the speaker attracted and kept
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Unformatted text preview: the attention of the audience). (10 pts) 2. Quality and effectiveness of visual aids (all aids used were clear, easy to read, and easy to understand). (10 pts) 3. Effectiveness as a speaker (voice, physical movements, and appearance contributed to the success of the presentation). (10 pts) 4. Organization (the speaker explained what will be presented, presented it, and then summarized what was presented). (10 pts) 5. Quality and effectiveness of the speech (goals, objectives, strategies, tasks, results, discussion, and conclusions were clear and concise). (10 pts) TOTAL SCORE (50 pts) COMMENTS: MESSAGE CONVEYED:...
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