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LABORATORY REPORTS BIOLOGY 4354L and 5354L PLANT ANATOMY LAB 1. Lab reports are required and must be handed in BEFORE CLASS on the day the report is due. 2. Reports will be graded on the basis of completeness, clarity, and creativity. 3. Points, as listed on the tentative laboratory syllabus, will be used for the value of each report. The total value for all lab reports is 200 points. 4. Format for your lab reports will be as follows: Article Summary (if needed): Write a one-page synopsis of the article and issues discussed during class. Staple this summary to the front of your report. Title : Try to convey the objective of the experiments in a brief title. For example, "Use of the Microscope and Generalized Cell Structure." Introduction : Briefly explain the purpose of the experiments and give the reader an idea of practical applications. This should be about 1 to 4 sentences in length. Results and discussion
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Unformatted text preview: : This section should be written to enable the reader to conceptualize observations, drawings, tables, graphs, and other figures presented in the report. DRAWINGS SHOULD INCLUDE THE NAME OF THE SPECIMEN DRAWN, SECTION VIEWED, AND MAGNIFICATION. All results should be neatly presented in an easy-to-read, straight-forward, and entertaining manner. Highlight the major points of each experiment and provide your interpretation of results. This is the most important part of your laboratory report. Conclusions : Briefly summarize (less than 5 sentences) key concepts and explain why they are important in studying plant anatomy. Tell what you learned from your investigations. 5. Ease of reading, neatness, and entertainment value all contribute towards excellent lab report grades. Make the report enjoyable to read and provide an explanation of what you learned in the Conclusions section....
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