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Jim Bidlack - BIO 5354/4354 PLANT ANATOMY Lecture 5 - Leaves I. Leaf Function A. Photosynthesis 1. Harvest light energy and convert it to ATP and NADPH 2. Fix CO 2 B. Transpiration 1. 2. Evaporative cooling of leaves when temperature is high C. Stomates - control gas exchange and transpiration (mechanism is osmosis at the guard cell level) II. Leaf morphology and terminology A. Lamina - flat form of the blade B. Attachment to the stem 1. Petiole (common in dicots) 2. Sessile (leaf directly attaches to stem or sheath) C. Structures at leaf - stem junction (more common in grasses) 1. Ligule - small flap of tissue extending upward from the sheath 2. Auricle - two earlike points found at the leaf - stem junction III. Leaf development and structure A. Leaf development 1. Leaf primordia initiated in region of apical meristem 2. Primary meristematic tissue:
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