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Jim Bidlack - BIO 5354/4354 PLANT ANATOMY Lecture 24 - Variations in Leaf Development & Structure (LVPs and Gymnosperms); I. Brief review of angiosperm leaf development A. Leaf growth arises from division throughout the young primordium B. Marginal and submarginal initials give rise to growth of the leaf C. Emphasis is on intercalary growth (intercalary meristem located within the leaf) D. Generalized leaf development 1. Divisions in tunica and outer part of corpus provide initial cell divisions a) Peripheral zone very important in making leaves b) Marginal initials and submarginal initials give rise to leaf primordium c) Organizing zones develop 2. Cells in abaxial area end up getting stretched 3. Cells in lower palisade become spongy 4. Cells in adaxial area continue dividing E. Dicot vs. monocot vein development 1. Dicot: midrib (acropetal), main laterals (basipetal), then minor 2. Monocot: major (acropetal), additional (basipetal), then commissural II.
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