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MICROSCOPE TECHNOLOGY PROJECT PLANT ANATOMY BIO 4354 / 5354 THIS PROJECT IS WORTH 100 POINTS AND WILL BE GRADED ON THE BASIS OF COMPLETENESS, ACCURACY, CLARITY, TECHNICAL SKILL, AND CREATIVITY. This project will help students learn how to take pictures of specimens observed with the aid of a microscope and digital technology. Students will use the equipment provided to obtain high- resolution photographs of specimens that will assist future students in learning about plant anatomy. The instructions are as follows: 1. Obtain your topic from the instructor and learn about your topic from resources in the textbook, lab manual, library, Internet, and lecture. Become familiar enough with your topic to know which photographs you want to obtain and what materials are available in lab to take your pictures. 2. Review materials (slides and fresh specimens) available in the lab and make sure you have what you need to obtain good photographs. If you don’t have the microscope slides
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